Echochamber 29.11.2012


so this was the echochamber with the amazing barbnerdy.
a pleasure,like always.
bass and electronics.
the foundation of this echochamber edition.
an extraordinary trip,i tell you.
at the end we played some b2b.
next week live again with special guests
ronny from das kraftfuttermischwerk and mogreens.
this will be huuuuge….looking forward.
22h berlin dubtime on
01 Natty-Alarm Bells (feat Sam Frank)
02 Life Recorder-Just Feel
03 Breath It-I Wanna Talk (Spag Heddy Remix)
04 R/D-Snow poem
05 Natty-Around Here (feat The Ragga Twins)
06 Zw:an-Saturn Milk
07 Eliminate-Relax
09 FKOF-Hybrid Heart (Mesck remix)
10 Natty-King Had A Dream
11 unknown-typsy (bc master)
12 Dj Scientist-Gillepsy
13 Marty Party-Incognito
14 Débruit-Quest wind’s seagulls (Mweslee remix)
15 oneone-Our November (ill-eesha remix)
16 Yeti Brett Blackwell-feel it don’t listen
17 Company Flow-Eight steps to perfection
18 Dr.Dre-A nigga with a gun
19 Dj Scientist-The death of hip-hop (a dedication)
20 Led Zeppelin-Immigrant song (christine feat. concrete knives) [saetchmo]
21 Dj Yoda-Sega RIP (feat. Scroobleus Pip) [barbnerdy]
22 Angel Haze-Gossip folks [barbnerdy]
23 Village-Nothing between us [barbnerdy]
24 Natty-Afrika [saetchmo]
25 Baauer-Swerve [barbnerdy]
26 iLL Gates-The demon slayer pt.2 [saetchmo]
27 Dj Kentaro-Kikakke feat. Dj Krush (reso remix) [barbnerdy]
28 Eliminate-Get Rowdy (von remix) [saetchmo]
29 Booty Carell-I got it from my mama [saetchmo]
30 Saetchmo-Manchmal [barbnerdy]