Echochamber 31.01.2013


in this echochamber i’ve played tunes from
subbass’ new compilation “ethnostep3”.
this label produces fantastic stuff,always a pleasure,listening to their collections.
same to the other netlabel featured in this radiobroadcast.
paproota’s dub compilation no.3 is another outstanding netalbum from this polish label.
also in this issue:
2 exclusive songs for prelistening from audhentik
and one from dubnesia.
enjoy this extraordinary show.
fasten your seatbelts and fly away.
next week live again.
tune in.
22h berlin dubtime.
or if this player does not work for your device or browser,
try my „under construction blog“
01 DubBreakah-Silent Spirits
02 Vibronics-Rumpus
03 Secret Archives of the Vatican-Mohaavastha
04 DJ Swoon & SeanSauce-Rasta Pasta
05 Du3Normal-Angry
06 Khan Kurra-Demiurge
07 zw:an-Lahgoon
08 Sub Swara-Smoke Riddim
09 Legend4ry-Drugs Of Choice (Ft.Colin Mulcher)
10 Audhentik-Oh Babylon
11 Tua-Szene in der Wueste (Audhentik remix)
12 Die Orsons-Lagerhalle (Audhentik Remix)
13 JahPa3-The Train
14 Dead Audio-Trickster
15 Monkey Freakz-All My Dogs
16 Dubnesia & Sk4nk-What Time
17 Subdemonz-Dub One
18 Doris Days & Zero 7-To Ulrike M.
19 Dubmatix-Burning Fire Dub
20 Beatfarmer-The Center (Dub Vortex Mix)
21 Robot Koch-So Bad (Sieren Remix)
22 Yaskah-Loaded
23 Mazari-Africa
24 SubSqwad-Diving In Dreams
25 Coco Lowres-Schönes Lied
26 The Meow Meows-I’m On Fire